I DON’T want it painted black

As an adult, or someone learning to adult (which is where Lori and myself fall), you may not be afraid of the dark. You may not believe in the supernatural and the possibility that spirits remain on earth when they have nowhere else to go, or even worse, unfinished business. It’s really rad if you’re like that and all, but there is a point in time where even the most hardened skeptic can have the most basic, gut-wrenching, primal feeling that something just isn’t right. Now imagine living in that place. This is exactly what happened to us.

Houses on the market are going to come in all shapes, sizes, and conditions. While looking for a two-bed, one-bath in Los Angeles, we came across a few houses that literally had us leaving feeling nauseous and spooked. I’m not sharing this to try to creep anyone out, but so you are aware of the types of houses you may run into on your house hunting journey, because we weren’t ready for this.

Saturday morning, arriving at a home on the south side of Inglewood, CA, we’re still new in our buying adventure and are scattered all over town looking at all sorts of homes. We pull up to a small house on a nice, quiet street. Walking to the front door, you can tell the facade of the home hadn’t been well kept and would need some TLC but no worries, the price is low so we’re expecting some renovations.

The real estate agent showing the home welcomes us in with a nervous look on her face while she blurts out “please keep an open mind with this one!” Obviously, you should always keep an open mind when looking for a diamond in the rough, you never know what you’re going to stumble upon. What we had stumbled upon was slowly turning into what looked like the set of a twisted horror movie, except this was real life. The whole house was covered in stains and was filled with the stench of human waste. Cringing, we continued through the house to the back door where I was counting down the seconds to step outside for a breath of fresh air.

Relieved we had made it through the house, I was shocked and overwhelmed with a seriously bad sense in my gut, for lack of a better term, and I don’t mean like I felt like I was going to… be sick, I just felt eerie like we were standing where something really, really bad happened.

What we had stumbled upon was slowly turning into what looked like the set of a twisted horror movie, except this was real life.

The entire back yard was covered in trash close to three feet deep, except for a small path that had been kept just wide enough to walk to a small detached room near the back alley. One peek inside the door and a wave of anxiety hit as we quickly walked for the front door. Inside the detached room was a single chair. No padding, no arm rests, just a basic chair. Above the chair was a light fixture with no light bulb. The entire room, windows, ceiling, chair, light, everything, was painted black…

As we exited the horror scene we realized what was needed for this house was way more than an open mind, it was for the earth to open up and swallow it down to the depths of the netherworld like in Poltergeist.

Be ready to see some seriously crazy stuff.

Eric HardWorth

Eric is a young “30-something” Creative Director living in Los Angeles, California. He’s a self proclaimed handyman who’s built more then and apartments-worth of stuff that hasn’t fallen apart yet. When not fixing / building / painting / sanding / hanging / wiring something in his newly purchased Inglewood home, Eric is probably working on his 70’s era motorcycle while wishing he were riding it.

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