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Inevitably you’ll be doing some math if you’re looking to purchase your new home. As much as we may attempt to avoid numbers, especially when it comes to money, now is the time to be as involved as possible.


To help make your life a little less stressful, or at least to help you get a little more rooted in reality, here are a handful of mortgage calculators to help you on your magical journey. Please keep in mind, these are all estimate calculators and they do not include any closing costs, inspections etc. This is, however, a great way to start roughing out what you think you can afford when purchasing a home. Some of these are a little more involved than others, so test out a few to see what serves your purposes best. For the best and quickest estimate of a monthly mortgage payment, with a great user interface, try Zillow’s mortgage calculator.

  1. Zillow Mortgage Calculator
  2. Mortgage Calculator
  4. U.S. Mortgage Calculator
  5. Bankrate Mortgage Calculator
  6. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator
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