The Frightnrs “Nothing More To Say”

In a partially biased post because these are homies, a large portion of my 2016 was spent singing the praises of the release for Queens outfit and all around talented, good dudes, The Frightnrs, and their debut album “Nothing More To Say” released by Daptone Records. A seemingly perfect reggae/rocksteady record that transports you to 1960’s Jamaica, executed effortlessly and genuinely, with humility and homage to their predecessors.

As much as I love to celebrate this record, it is bittersweet and diffcult to put into words, as their front man and dear friend, Dan “Brukky” Klein, succumbed to his battle with A.L.S. just prior to the record’s release.

**Make a donation to A.L.S. research here.

Check out more of their story from The New York Times article below:


When their sound hits your brain waves, you would not expect this to be something from modern times. I love to play this record at parties, cleaning around the house, driving, basically anywhere and in any situation. Give it a listen, and give rocksteady a chance. MORE LIFE!

Lori Hardworth

Lori is a native New Yorker with a chip on her shoulder who found it as hard, as it was easy, to embrace the west coast culture and vibe. Three years and many trips to Whole Foods later, she is working in the film industry (Hollywood, babe!) and is happily in love with Eric and their new home. As an evolved punk/ska kid, Lori embraces a compassionate lifestyle complete with a thick Long Island accent. She enjoys cooking for others, eating snacks, being in nature and making South Park references wherever possible.

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