Work by Charlotte Day Wilson

I don’t want to call this a music video for “Work” by Charlotte Day Wilson, because it’s much more than that. The description of this video on Vimeo says it best, “Work re-imagines the familiar image of people commuting to work as a moving portrait.”

If you’re familiar with the photography we use on HardWorth, you may notice that most of what and how we photograph is very normal and mundane. There is a bit of charm in the everyday that sometimes gets overpowered and over produced by average media outlets and because of that, we feel this is a very powerful and awesome piece of art, not to mention a great song.

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Eric HardWorth

Eric is a young “30-something” Creative Director living in Los Angeles, California. He’s a self proclaimed handyman who’s built more then and apartments-worth of stuff that hasn’t fallen apart yet. When not fixing / building / painting / sanding / hanging / wiring something in his newly purchased Inglewood home, Eric is probably working on his 70’s era motorcycle while wishing he were riding it.

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