On the Road Again

Similar to dating, and even job hunting, how far are you willing to travel to find your dream abode?

  • What will your new commute look like?
  • Are there public transportation hubs nearby that might alleviate the endless pit of despair that is morning rush hour?
  • How about your new would-be neighborhood. Have you driven around and looked at the local establishments?
  • What is your proximity to the closest supermarket, school or hospital?



These are all serious, and seriously painstaking questions you have to subject yourself to. A house might seem great for the price, have a wonderful backyard and even a mudroom, but what if it’s backed up to a rail line, or in a personal case, a welfare office, automotive garage or creepy-sketchy-stabby alley? If you already have or are planning to have children these things will become even more important. Or if you just appreciate your life and living, that’s nice too.



A trend you might notice within these HardWorth posts is outlining your “dealbreakers” and “must haves” when searching for a place to live. If the location of your would-be place is in close proximity to your place of work, or a place you frequent often, this may upstage living next to that sketchy house. And hey, who doesn’t want eclectic neighbors?

Measure your pros and cons and see where you feel most comfortable. If you’re buying a place to rent out, then all the seediness might not even matter if you’re not living there. But like, be a good landlord and take care of your tenants (you were once them!)

Lori Hardworth

Lori is a native New Yorker with a chip on her shoulder who found it as hard, as it was easy, to embrace the west coast culture and vibe. Three years and many trips to Whole Foods later, she is working in the film industry (Hollywood, babe!) and is happily in love with Eric and their new home. As an evolved punk/ska kid, Lori embraces a compassionate lifestyle complete with a thick Long Island accent. She enjoys cooking for others, eating snacks, being in nature and making South Park references wherever possible.

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