This or That?

Still got that side table leftover from an old roommate, or one that you found on the side of the road that’s on it’s last limb? Looking to replace it but are on a budget? We got some tips for you.

Crate & Barrel vs. CB2 vs. Target

In an effort to stay current with trends and to give off the appearance of an adult who has their life sorted out, sometimes some little home or apartment upgrades are just what you need. Your mom, or some other form of adult, tells you to check out Crate & Barrel because they decorated their entire stylish living room with products from there. You get to the accent tables tab and find the perfect, sophisticated end table.

It’s perfect! How much? Oh…oh dear….$449. Yeah that’s not in my budget.

Onto the next. You hear from a friend with a well-paying job that CB2 has great stuff similar to Crate & Barrel but for a reasonable price. You plug in your search parameters and wait…what is this? The SAME table for more than half the price? Be still my heart…

Even though it is reasonably priced, it’s still outside of your budget. WHAT NOW?!

We’ll tell you what now. Behold the mother ship, the keeper of all home and apartment adornments that stay up with the trends and keep prices down on your wallet. Yes my friends, we are talking about TARGET ::insert Hallelujah here::

They have the SAME table for more than half off the table at CB2?!

No, we’re not going to pinch you because you’re dreaming (that hurts.)

Fellow HardWorths, welcome to the holy grail that is Target’s home section. Not only do they have the latest in trends, they’re prices rival all of their competitors with (mostly) quality to match. I mean let’s face it, many of the things you will buy in retail stores may not last a lifetime. But hey, for that price, you can save up for what you really want down the road.


As the Black Sheep said, The Choice is Yours.

The Choice Is Yours – Black Sheep

Lori Hardworth

Lori is a native New Yorker with a chip on her shoulder who found it as hard, as it was easy, to embrace the west coast culture and vibe. Three years and many trips to Whole Foods later, she is working in the film industry (Hollywood, babe!) and is happily in love with Eric and their new home. As an evolved punk/ska kid, Lori embraces a compassionate lifestyle complete with a thick Long Island accent. She enjoys cooking for others, eating snacks, being in nature and making South Park references wherever possible.

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